Max Bishop Trained Mules and Horses
3023 Highway 34 West Paragould, Arkansas 72450
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Learn From The Best

Max Bishop Trained Mules and Horses has hosted and taught at several clinics across the United States for many years. In clinics, Max will demonstrate what he's learned in his lifetime of working with mules and horses. Learn the tools, strategies and triggers necessary of understanding your mule or horse.
From mulemanship/horsemanship to communication, Max offers hands-on training with clients in a group setting with fellow attendees so you can have a better understanding of your animal's needs. The agenda of clinics depends on the mules or horses themselves. Equipment can be provided. So be prepared to learn how to be the one in control, not your animal when you sign up for a clinic by Max Bishop Trained Mules and Horses!
Private and semi-private classes are available at the farm. Call to inquire today.

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Upcoming Clinics

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Get Booked Now for the 2022 June Colorado Adventure Ride!

If you're ready to saddle up and ride then be sure to contact us today to book a spot for our Colorado Adventure ride in June, 2022! Colorado is a breathtaking location featuring captivating views second to none. You don't want to miss out on this chance of a lifetime!


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